Caitlin McRight


Caitlin McRight recently received her B.A. cum laude from the University of North Texas, where she concentrated on studies in both American History and Dance, including ballet, modern, tap, and jazz technique. She is currently completing the Texas teacher certification in dance and history. While at UNT Caitlin spent three years as a North Texas Dancer, not only performing at football and basketball games, but taking an active part in community events, as well as performing on stage the Super Bowl XLV halftime show with the Black Eyed Peas and dancing in a music video with the Eli Young Band. She also is an alumni of Chi Omega sorority.

Prior to her collegiate experience, Caitlin’s background in dance spanned over 15 years of intensive training in ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. She studied under the direction of Kim Barnard and Doris Rouse at The Academy of Dance in Mount Pleasant, Texas from 1995-2010. During those years Caitlin also attended numerous dance conventions with Tremaine Dance Company, the Pulse, and Broadway Dance Center in NYC, drill team clinics with the Kilgore Rangerettes, as well as MA and NDA summer camps. Caitlin received the honor of being named an All-American Dancer by HTE, MA and NDA dance companies.

Caitlin also has extensive team experience, which began at the age of 5 and continued through her years at UNT. She believes being a part of a dance team has been invaluable in providing opportunities to showcase the skills learned in dance class and to further study the intricacies of choreography. Through her studio Caitlin was a member of the Starettes, credited with being “the first Junior Precision Drill Team in the United States” and later competed with Barnard Company Dance, both teams honored with numerous national championships. She also had the privilege of qualifying and competing internationally at the prestigious Dance Worlds. In addition to her studio teams, Caitlin was a member of her high school’s drill team, the Mount Pleasant Tiger Dolls, serving in leadership positions that included First Lieutenant and Captain her senior year.

Dance education has been a part of her life for years. She first began teaching dance while in high school and throughout her college years. Now a college graduate, she made the move to Dallas and could not be more thrilled to share her passion of dance at KC’s!!!!!