Ballet: This imaginative class ties together the best elements of creative movement with the structure of classical Ballet. A great introduction for first-time students who want to study Ballet in an enjoyable environment. This class is designed for students new to dance. Learn the positions of the feet and arms, as well as establish proper alignment and turnout. Students will also learn basic dance vocabulary.

Cheer: If you are interested in preparing for K.C.’s All Star squads or trying out for school cheer for the following year, this class will prepare you for tryouts. You will be trained in jumps, motion technique, and stunts.

Drill Technique: If you are interested in trying out for drill team for your school, this class will focus on turns, leaps, and kicks to help better prepare your child for school tryouts.

Jazz/Hip/Hop: Jazz is an exciting and ever evolving dance form full of rhythm, syncopation, passion and life. Classes explore body isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms and encourage individual expression and the development of personal style. Hip/Hop is a style of dance that can be seen in the latest hip-hop, pop and R&B videos that is age appropriate.

Musical Theater:Is a fun and exciting class that covers many areas of stage performance. Not only will the various dance styles of the stage be taught, but much more. The class will work on singing, acting, how to audition for a show, and how to really perform a dance number not just dance it for technique. Two classes will be offered, divided by age, starting with age 5. This class is for both the stage divaand the child who need encouragement just breaking through shyness.

Partner Stunts: Is for beginning to advanced (Middle School, High School and College Students. This is perfect for Co-ed Teams and All-girl stunt groups or getting ready for College tryouts. We have class times and private lessons available.

Tap: Tap is a style of percussive dance. This means the dancers wear special shoes with metal taps that make sounds when they touch the floor. The dancers create rhythms with their feet as if they are drumming on the floor. Tap is an unusual dance form because it depends on being heard as well as seen.

Tumbling: This class works on your skills for floor tumbling. There is a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. This class is fun and exciting and works on flexibility and coordination.

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